DVD Memorials

We create DVD memorials for your loved one for as little as $100. The DVD is in a slideshow style format with music, but we can also include your family’s video footage.

Our Story

My name is Jason Holloway and I am a professional video editor living in the Las Vegas, NV area. My father passed away in 2010. I created a DVD memorial for his service. My friends and family really enjoyed the DVD memorial and pretty soon I was making DVD memorials for everyone around town. I decided to turn this service into a business and that is how this website, Memory’s Lane,  was born.

Contact Information

Please call me at 702-371-5387 and we can discuss how we can create a custom DVD memorial for your loved one. You may also e-mail me at jasonaholloway@gmail.com. I am available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time every day. On weekends I may not answer the phone as quickly so please do not be afraid to leave a message.

Pricing & Payment Options

Most people prefer a slideshow style DVD memorial, but we can also incorporate video footage for an additional fee.

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Slideshow Package Prices:

Photo Count and
Song Requirements
Deluxe Slideshow Package (Includes Video Footage)
Basic Slideshow Package (Pictures only)
20-49 photos/images
1-2 songs
$125.00 $100.00
50-74 photos/images
2-3 songs
$155.00 $130.00
75-99 photos/images
3-4 songs
$195.00 $170.00
100-150 photos/images
4-6 songs
$285.00 $225.00
151-200 photos/images
6-8 songs
$350.00 $275.00


My dear father, Robert Holloway:

Preparation Time

Given our average backlog of orders we usually need at least 7 full days to prepare your DVD Memorial. The preparation time will vary depending on our workload so please remember to confirm the preparation time for your order over the phone. One must also consider shipping time when ordering a DVD memorial.  The cheapest delivery methods for UPS and FedEx usually take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Major Holidays).  The fastest delivery method for UPS and FedEx is overnight shipment, but it is also very expensive.

Additional Services

24-Hour Rush Service: $250.00 extra to have the DVD created within 24 hours (overnight shipping is not included in this price and ranges between an additional $40.00 to $60.00 depending on your location). The DVD does not ship until the next day so if you order the Rush Service and include overnight shipping please allow for a total turnaround time of 48 hours from the moment the order is placed until the day you receive the package.

Scanning Service: $60.00 for every 50 photos.  We will scan & crop your photographs.

Extra DVD Copies: If you require more than 1 DVD the cost will be as follows: $5.00 per DVD copy.

Photo Touchup Service: Scratch removal, color correction,  red-eye removal and general photo retouching available. Pricing and completion times will vary depending on the severity of the problem.

More than 5 Extra DVD Copies: If you require more than 5 DVD copies the cost will be $5.00 per DVD copy plus an additional $5.00 for shipping and handling for every 10 DVDs per delivery location. Please allow for up to three weeks for these extra DVD copies. These particular DVDs will be shrink-wrapped in a jewel case with a custom-designed cover featuring your favorite picture. If you plan on ordering more than 10 DVDs per delivery location the shipping cost estimate above will not apply. and we will need to give you a revised shipping cost estimate. This service is usually ordered when you want to send a copy of the DVDs to your friends and family throughout the country.

The Process

1. Call us at 702-371-5387 or e-mail us at jasonaholloway@gmail.com and we will go over the details of your DVD Memorial such as the music you plan on using and the number of pictures you want to use. We will give you an exact price quote over the phone or via e-mail that matches what you want to accomplish with your DVD Memorial.

2. Submit payment over the phone with a credit card.

3. Sending us your photos or videos:

  • First Option: If you have digital or scanned versions of your photographs ready to upload we will give you a username and password to upload your photographs to our servers via FTP. If you are unfamiliar with FTP we will explain how it works and guide you through the process over the phone. We also accept files using the service DropBox. [A note on image quality and format: For most 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ size pictures 300 DPI is more than sufficient. Some smaller pictures will need to be scanned at a much greater DPI. We accept tif, gif, jpg, png, and pdf file formats].
  • Second Option: If you do not have a scanner or are unable to use one. You could also take your original photographs to a local photo processing center and have them digitized and put onto a CD or DVD. You can then upload these files to us, or mail a copy of the disc to us if you’re not in a rush. Our office address is 12 Sunset Way, Suite 202, Henderson, NV 89014.
  • Third Option: This is not recommended, but if you do not yet have digital or scanned versions of your photographs and you do not want to scan your own photographs then we offer our Scanning Service for an additional fee ($58.00 per 100 photographs). Simply ship your photographs to our office address at 12 Sunset Way, Suite B-202, Henderson, NV 89014. It is very important that you use either FedEx or United Parcel Service. Please ship your photographs securely. We suggest first placing the photographs in a sealed manila folder, and then placing this same folder into a sturdy, cardboard box of appropriate size. Then fill the cardboard box with packing material. Please do not ship your photographs in any type of envelope,  folder,  or shipping pouch designed for documents. If you do this your photographs will certainly be damaged. Please do not use the United States Postal Service. Please do not ship your photographs to our P.O. Box. Whenever possible please do not use originals. Please keep in mind that in rare instances packages do get lost and we will not be held responsible for damaged or lost photographs. Allow ample time for us to receive the photographs and create your DVD. Keep in mind the time it takes to send the photographs, to create your DVD, and for us to ship your photographs and new DVD back to you.

5. Revision & Final Confirmation – When the DVD is complete we will e-mail you a web link to view a compressed version of the DVD online. You will then have the opportunity to suggest changes. Your DVD will not ship until we receive your final confirmation, either by phone or e-mail, that the DVD Memorial is acceptable. You may waive this revision at any time if speed is essential. If you order 24-Hour Rush Service there will be no opportunity to review your DVD online.

6. Shipment of your DVD Memorial – We will ship your DVD Memorial via United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipping time & cost will vary depending on your location. An approximate cost and shipment time of of UPS Ground Shipping is $8.00 and 5 – 7 business days. The approximate cost of UPS 3-Day is $15.00. UPS 2-Day is $25.00 Overnight is around $40.00 to $70.00. These prices are only estimates. A precise shipping cost estimate will be quoted to you when you order. Also, please keep in mind that UPS does not count the day a product ships as a shipping day when describing its shipping methods. For example, if a package is shipped via UPS 2-day on Monday then it is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. And, if a package is shipped via UPS 3-day on Monday then it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. Also, it is important to remember that UPS does not include weekends or holidays in its calculation of shipping times. For example, if UPS 2-day service is chosen and a package is shipped on a Friday then the package is not due to arrive until Tuesday (Saturday and Sunday are not counted).



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