Funeral Video

Funeral Video – How to Create a Memorable Tribute for Your Loved One

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There is probably no video editing job that requires more sensitivity than a funeral video.

There are a variety of different styles, but usually a funeral video involves the selection of photographs and their presentation in a slideshow format which is accompanied by music.

The first task is to select the photographs.

What I usually do is use the Ken Burns Effect. This usually entails zooming into a specific region of the photo, or zooming out of a specific region to highlight something about the photograph. Ken Burns is an award-winning documentary Producer. His use of telling stories through photos relied heavily on zooming in. Pan & Crop. The effect serves two purposes. The first, and probably the most important, is to keep the viewer entertain and engaged. A photo with this effect seems to come alive and hypnotize the viewer. Second, by highlighting or minimizing certain parts of a still photograph you can help tell your story. As an example, let’s say the subject of the video was always known as being on time. Well, while the narrator (if you have one) is talking about is unusual punctunality, you could zoom in on the person’s watch. If you have a group photo and you want to emphasize one person out of that photo then you would slowly zoom in on the target.

Second task:

Music. Absolutely critical. Music has an emotional quality to it, and reawakens old memories. It’s important to pick pieces that were relevant to the subject’s life, and to pick a piece that helps tell the subject’s story, but it’s also important to remember that a funeral is as much about the living as it is about the deceased. Sometimes it is okay to pick something that family members will be quite fond of.

Pacing –

It’s absolutely critical to have the right pacing. You want the music and the video to proceed at around 75 beats per minute. Andante. This is the same beat as the human heart. If the images appear too quickly it has the tendency to distract older viewers. If the images appear too slowly people will become bored. If you manage to hit the sweet spot you can hypnotize the viewer.